NABCEP Logo The North American Board of Certified Energy Practioners (NABCEP) gives you the opportunity to clearly demonstrate your commitment to solar-energy professionalism. NABCEP offers nationally-recognized certification to those selling and installing solar electric systems (amongst other certifications for renewable energy professionals). The certification program is rigorous, so it's a straightforward way to differentiate yourself from your less commited competitors. OnGrid believes that an industry is only as strong as its standards, and we highly recommend that you consider getting NABCEP certified. As a sidenote, the annual NABCEP Continuing Education conference is our favorite solar conference (thanks to the passion of its participants and the quality of its instructors). Learn more about NABCEP's certification program here.

CALSEIA Logo With dedication and gusto, the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA) advocates for the California solar industry. We're amazed with the effectiveness of this small team.CALSEIA played an important role in California's NEM 2.0 victory, and is closely engaged across a broad policy front. CALSEIA also fosters a solar community amongst those most dedicated to a healthy and thriving solar industry. If you're a California-based solar professional, we strongly encourage you to consider joining CALSEIA.

SEI Logo The nonprofit Solar Energy International (SEI) has offered first-class solar training since 1991. The SEI team is seriously passionate about a global transition to renewable energy. New solar professionals travel to their gorgeous Colorado campus from around the world for intensive week-long workshops. SEI also offers online courses. If you're committed to industry-leading professionalism, consider signing up for an upcoming SEI course. Check out upcoming SEI courses here.

SEI Logo First-rate research and journalism from Greentech Media (GTM) informs OnGrid's grasp of key distributed-energy industry trends and opportunities. GTM has bolstered our enthusiasm for a smarter and more empowering electric grid. The weekly Energy Gang podcast keeps it real and nuanced, thanks in part to gang member Jigar Shah's willingness to push guests out of their comfort zone. We recommend a subscription to GTM Squared for access to the grid-edge Interchange podcast, live streams of GTM events, and other premium content. Ask them for a one-day trial of Squared at: